The Metropolitan-Vickers Type 2 Co-Bo Diesel-Electric Locomotives: From Design to Destruction (Pen & Sword)

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An in-depth history of the Metropolitan-Vickers Type 2 locomotives, more commonly known as the `Co-Bo’ due to their unusual wheel arrangement. The fleet consisted of 20 locomotives and was fraught with difficulties from the start, mainly due to problems with the Crossley engines.

Every locomotive underwent extensive rehabilitation during the early 1960s, but matters barely improved and a later plan to re-engine the fleet with English Electric engines was not taken forward. The class proved to be one of the least successful designs arising from the Modernisation Plan. All examples were withdrawn from service as early as 1968.

The Metropolitan-Vickers Type 2 Co-Bo Diesel Electric Locomotives: From Design to Destruction examines the history of the fleet collectively, looking at design, construction, testing and the sort of duties on which the class was employed during active service. The problems surrounding the class and the various remedies, actual and proposed, are discussed.

The book also contains detailed information about each individual locomotive in the class, including allocation and maintenance histories, and a section containing reported observations of class members that runs to some 2900 entries. Well illustrated, mainly in black & white but with some colour material. 272 pages. Hardback.

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