Main Line Passenger Trains: In and Around London (Key)

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A complex web of train tracks weave through and around the capital city, transporting people and goods in perpetual motion. This colourful pictorial book provides a detailed account of each train operator working in the most populous region of the country, including main line and district line providers.

An account of each operator’s history, the communities and regions served and the rolling stock operated are also covered. The modernisation of the railways continues apace with the recent abolition of the rail-franchising system and the requirement of rolling stock to meet the latest regulatory and accessibility standards. This has led to the withdrawal of outdated stock and the procurement of new and accessible coaches, engines and traction that meet contemporary standards.

With over 175 photographs, many of which are previously unpublished, and supported by detailed captions, this book showcases the latest developments in the heart of London.

Photographs are arranged in chapters, each covering a present day operator. Further chapters cover railtours, sleeper services and Eurostar. A short introduction to each operator is provided and captions accompany each photograph. 96 pages.

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