Main Line Steam Around London: The Preservation Years since 1968 (Amberley)

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A selection of colour photographs of steam locomotives operating around London in the years since the end of main line steam on Britain's railways in 1968.

Following the end of BR steam in 1968, a steam ban was placed upon Britain's railways. However, with the dawn of railway preservation, this ban was lifted, although steam locomotives could only operate over certain quieter routes. Over the following decades, steam was allowed to run over more and more routes and today, several steam excursions leave or arrive in London each week.

This book contains colour photographs of steam locomotives hauling special trains, excursion trains and rail tours around London between 1968 and the present day. Photographs are largely arranged in chronological order and each is accompanied by a caption. A short history of preserved steam on the main lines around London is also included. 96 pages.

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