Last Years of the Deltics: 1977-1982 (Strathwood)

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A collection of good quality colour images featuring Class 55 `Deltic’ locomotives during their last five years in service with British Rail. All twenty-two locomotives are seen at work, in locations both familiar and unusual.

As well as regular East Coast Main Line workings, for which the locomotives were famous, the photographs show Deltics hauling special trains, double-headed, on stabling points, depots and works, ex-works, clean, specially prepared and downright filthy. Several delightful night-time images are also included.

Last Years of the Deltics 1977-1982 is a pictorial record of the Deltics’ last few years of service. A landscape format has been used to best showcase the selection of illustrations, most of which are presented in one-per-page format and all of which are accompanied by detailed captions.

Printed on high quality glossy art paper. 96 pages. Hardback.

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