Class 70s (Key Publishing)

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An illustrated review of the General Electric Class 70 diesel locomotive fleet, built for Freightliner and Colas Rail in the UK.

In the late 2000s, Freightliner was looking to expand its locomotive fleet and was looking for a more powerful and fuel-efficient locomotive type. Freightliner acquired a small batch of Class 70 locomotives and GE also produced a demonstrator locomotive that was initially hired to Colas Rail. Colas subsequently acquired the demonstrator and two further batches of Class 70 locomotives.

Class 70s is a collection of colour images showing every Class 70 locomotive, except the ill-fated 70012 which was damaged whilst being unloaded in the UK and was returned to the manufacturer. It shows a variety of locations, mostly in the south of England, where these impressive locos can be seen at work.

All photographs are accompanied be explanatory captions describing the featured subject. Over 190 photographs, mainly presented in two or three-per-page format. 96 pages.

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