Class 158 and 159 DMUs (Amberley)

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Class 158 and 159 DMUs presents a selection of previously unpublished photographs featuring these two popular classes, that have provided key regional services for around 30 years.

Introduced in the early 1990s and still in service today, both classes work on a variety of lines throughout the UK. When first launched they heralded a new era in long-distance travel and were introduced in a move to replace the old locomotive-hauled stock. This move initiated a cascade of stock which resulted in the disposal of older first generation DMUs. Class 158 was the first to be introduced and runs predominantly as two-car sets, whereas Class 159s are all run as three-car sets. Run by a number of companies, the units have been turned out in an assortment of liveries.

An introduction to the classes is followed by the photographs, which show a wide range of liveries on a variety of routes and are displayed in two-per-page format; a caption accompanies each picture.

180 colour photographs. 96 pages.

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