U-Bahn, S-Bahn & Tram in Berlin 3rd Edition (Schwandl)

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A completely revised and updated edition of this guide to the urban rail systems in the city of Berlin. The book begins with a brief history of the rail-based transport networks in Berlin, including how the networks adapted during the years in which the city was divided, and going on to describe the renaissance since re-unification in 1989. This is followed by a look at the current operations of each network:

U-Bahn: Each U-Bahn line is examined in turn, with a description of how each line developed and details of the route covered. Also gives details of the rolling stock used on each line and this is followed by a profile of every type of stock in use on the Berlin U-Bahn.

S-Bahn: This section contains a good account of the origins of the Berlin S-Bahn and the operational changes enforced by the division of the city. The reinstatement and expansion of services following re-unification is well documented and the different types of rolling stock in use are examined in detail.

RE & RB: This short section looks at the regional main line rail services that effectively form a part of Berlin’s urban transport services.

Tram: Looks at the history of the tramway network and examines current operations. Although abandoned in the western part of the city in 1967 and only re-introduced on a few routes after re-unification, the network in the eastern part of the city has vastly expanded. Looks at each type of tram in service and also the four remaining self-contained routes in the city.

The informative text is accompanied by over 200 high quality colour illustrations and several maps of the respective networks. Text is in English and German

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