Die S-Bahn im geteilten Berlin Band 1: Ringbahn (West) (Lok Report)

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The first volume of an illustrated review looking at the Berlin S-Bahn during the period when the city of Berlin was divided. This volume features the Ringbahn (West) and the associated routes to Gartenfeld and Staaken via the Hamburger and Lehrter Bahn.

The book includes an introduction containing brief history relating to the Ringbahn and describes how the line was affected by the division of the city. There then follows more than 120, mostly full-page photographs, illustrating the S-Bahn trains and the lines on which they ran.

The photographs are a mixture of colour and black & white examples and two colour maps are also provided to show the difference between the S-Bahn network as it was in 1961 and how it had become in 1974. All the photographs are accompanied by detailed captions.

As well as illustrating the S-Bahn network. Die S-Bahn im geteilten Berlin Band 1: Ringbahn (West) also shows the changing face of Berlin in this key period of the city’s history. 128 pages. Hardback. German text.

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