Tram Atlas Frankreich 2nd Edition (Schwandl)

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A completely revised and updated second edition of this illustrated guide to all tramway, metro and trolleybus networks in France.

For every city with a tramway, metro or trolleybus system, a detailed route map is provided along with a description of how each system is operated. Brief historical information is also included as well as details of any notable features that may apply to each system. The maps and text are accompanied by many photographs illustrating the vehicles operating on each system in recent years.

Some of the maps have enlargements of city centre areas as appropriate, and most maps are very detailed, showing all stops, loops, single-track sections, depots and workshops etc.

Tabulated fleet information is also provided, giving details of the type of tram/metro car, year of manufacture, number of vehicles in service and basic dimensions. Tram Atlas Frankreich 2nd Edition provides an up-to-date review of light rail and trolleybus systems in France today. Well illustrated in colour throughout. Text is in English and German. 160 pages.

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