Atlas Sieci Tramwajowych Polski 2017 (Eurosprinter)

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An atlas of tram and trolleybus systems in Poland. Includes a short history of trams and trolleybuses in Poland, followed by keys to the maps in Polish, English and German. Entries are included for each city to have, or previously have had a tram or trolleybus system. For each system, a number of basic details such as city population, track gauge, route length and number of vehicles in operation is included. Two maps are shown for most systems which remain open; one showing the tramway system today with route numbers and a second showing when each section of line opened. Where no system exists today, only the historical map is included. All tram stops, depots and loops are shown. A number of colour photographs are included for each city where the tram or trolleybus system remains open today. Key and introduction in Polish, English and German. 172 pages. Hardback.

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