The Woodhead Line: Electric Pioneer (Lightmoor)

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The Woodhead Line, linking the cities of Manchester and Sheffield, with a link to Wath yard was once a pioneer of electrification on Britain's railways, but just under thirty years after electrification the line was to close.

This well-illustrated book examines the reasons why the line was chosen for electrification, at how it was used throughout its history and at why it was closed. It is divided into six chapters, each covering a different part of the railway's history:

  • The Problem
  • The Electrification Project - Woodhead New Tunnel - Reddish Depot
  • Locomotives and Stock - Regenerative Braking - Locomotive Liveries
  • Operating the Line - Dunford East Signalman
  • Rundown - Chaos, Confusion and Acts of God
  • Postscript

The Woodhead Line: Electric Pioneer provides a thorough account of the electrification of the Woodhead route and examines the reasons for the line's closure. Illustrated throughout with colour photographs, maps and track diagrams. Hardback. 192 pages.

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