The St Ives Branch: A History (Pen & Sword)

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Constructed in 1877 as the last broad gauge line to be built in the UK, the St Ives branch did not close in the 1960s, unlike so many branches and survives to this day – now widely regarded as one of the most scenic railways in Europe. This book examines how the line managed to escape closure and how it came to be built in the first place.

Many other aspects of the line's history are covered, including how the line led to St Ives becoming one of the southwest's most visited tourist resorts where previously it was renowned for the strong smell of fish that was once inescapable. The St Ives Branch: A History traces the history of one of Britain's most scenic railways.

Containing over 100 images, mostly in colour and many never published before. Hardback. 184 pages.

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