The Brunels: Father and Son (Pen & Sword)

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Isambard Kingdom Brunel has always been regarded as one of Britain’s great heroes and an engineering genius.

His father Marc Brunel has not received the same degree of adulation, but this book will show just how important a part Marc played in his son’s works and will also look at his own great achievements.

Marc Brunel arrived in Britain as a refugee from revolutionary France, after a short time working in America. He was a pioneer of mass production technology, when he invented machines for making blocks for sailing ships. He had other inventions to his name, but his greatest achievement was in constructing the very first tunnel under the Thames.

Isambard spent his early years working for and with is father, who not only encouraged him but throughout his career he was also able to offer practical help. The famous viaduct that carried the Great Western Railway over the Thames at Maidenhead, for example was based on an earlier design of Marc’s. Isambard’s greatest achievements were in revolutionising the shipping industry, where he was able to draw on his father’s experience when he served in the navy.

This book not only looks at the successes of two great engineers, but also their failures. Primarily, however, it is a celebration of two extraordinary men and their amazing achievements.

Illustrated throughout with black & white photographs and sketches of the Brunels' engineering works. Hardback. 224 pages.

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