Ruston & Hornsby Locomotives (IRS)

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An in-depth analysis of the diesel locomotives constructed by Ruston & Hornsby, one of the most important builders of industrial diesel locomotives in the United Kingdom. Based at workshops in Lincoln, the company developing an extensive portfolio of locomotive types covering all gauges and comprising nearly 6,500 locomotives constructed between 1931 and 1968.

The first section of the book tells the Ruston story, describing how the company and its locomotives developed to become a key suppliers of small locomotives to industry. It looks at the Lincoln site, locomotive development and classification, the pattern of sales and subsequent decline and closure.

The second section then looks at the locomotive classes in detail, examining the different types that made up the company’s catalogue and looking at the engine variants and detail differences available for each type of locomotive.

A third section contains a number of case studies looing at the locomotives supplied for the Irish peat railways of Bord Na Mona, Ruston locomotives of the British Sugar Corporation, and locomotives supplied specifically to Drakelow Power Station.

The book concludes with a complete list of all 6475 locomotives definitively known to have been built by Ruston & Hornsby, with details of year of construction, works number and gauge.

This book is a much expanded, updated and enhanced edition of a work first published in 1974. This new edition incorporates the original text, but the tables summarising the locomotive classes have been greatly expanded and additional information incorporated to bring the story up to date. Extra drawings have been added, and a wide range of photographs to illustrate some of the numerous variations of the company’s designs have also been included.

Ruston & Hornsby Locomotives seeks to provide a broad appreciation of the role played by Ruston locomotives in industrial service. Hardback. 248 pages. Over 300 photographs.

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