Railways of the Chilterns (Amberley)

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A pictorial review of the many railway lines that have made their way through the Chilterns – a chain of chalk hills that stretch from Oxfordshire to Hertfordshire, to the north-west of London. The book is divided into five main chapters, each looking at the lines of the five major companies that constructed railways from London to the North and Midlands:

  • The London & North Western Railway
  • The Great Northern Railway
  • The Midland Railway
  • The Great Western/Great Central Joint Line
  • The Metropolitan/Great Central Joint Line

Each chapter addresses the main lines and a large number of branches that served the region, most of which are now closed.

The photographs cover all eras of railway operation, from pre-grouping pioneers, through the grouping era to the formation of British Railways. The progression under BR from steam to diesel traction is illustrated and the story is taken right up to date in the days of privatisation.

All of the photographs are accompanied by detailed captions providing further information and anecdotes relating to the featured subject. A few maps and diagrams are also included to further aid the historical context.

Railways of the Chilterns also includes a look at part of the cross-country Oxford to Cambridge route, which is scheduled for complete reinstatement in the coming years. Illustrated in colour and black & white. 96 pages.

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