Inverkeithing to Thornton Junction (Middleton)

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An illustrated history of the line from Inverkeithing to Thornton Junction, via Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly presented in the form of a journey along the line using a combination of archive and more recent black & white photographs.

Inverkeithing to Thornton Junction traces each line, illustrating every station and many other items of railway interest along the way. It features many examples of passenger services and freight traffic on the route. The use of photographs taken at different points in history allows the reader to see at a glance how each location has changed over the years.

As well as the main route, the colliery branches from the line are also covered.

Over 100 photographic illustrations are accompanied by Informative captions providing further details about the history of the line. Several maps, track plans, ticket examples and other period reproductions are also included. 96 pages. Hardback.

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