BR Steam in the North of England (Amberley)

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In BR Steam in the North of England the author, John Whiteley, presents a fascinating photographic survey which covers the last years of British Railways steam, running on lines in the North of England. Photographs cover the period from 1959, to the end of steam in the area in 1968.

By the early 1960s British Rail was rapidly replacing steam with modern traction, but before the last steam locomotives were withdrawn the decade witnessed a glorious swansong for steam in the North of England. The range of the area covered by the pictures includes the last days of steam in the Peak District, Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Cumbria up to the Scottish border. The use of GWR locomotives around Chester in the early 1960s is also included, as well as steam in and around Manchester.

The majority of the images are displayed in two-per-page format and a caption accompanies each one.

34 colour and 148 black & white photographs. 96 pages.

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