Alnmouth to Berwick Including the Seahouses and Tweed Dock Branches (Middleton Press)

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By Roger Darsley and Dennis Lovett. An historical review of the former North Eastern Railway route between Alnmouth and Berwick, that today forms part of the East Coast Main Line. The review is presented in the form of a journey along the line using a combination of archive and more recent black & white photographs.

This section of line is perhaps most notable for the construction of the Royal Border Bridge, which upon completion in 1850 was the final piece of the jigsaw that saw the East Coast Main Line link London with Edinburgh.

Alnmouth To Berwick including the Seahouses and Tweed Dock Branches traces the route by illustrating every station and many other items of railway interest along the way. It shows many examples of passenger services and freight traffic on the route and allows the reader to see at a glance how each location has changed over the years, through the use of photographs taken at different points in history.

Several of the intermediate stations that are illustrated were closed during the 1950s. The book also looks at the Seahouses and Tweed Dock branches, providing an interesting study of two lines serving East Coast harbours.

120 black and white photographs are accompanied by Informative captions giving further details about the history of the line. Also includes several maps, over 20 track plans, ticket examples, timetable extracts and other period reproductions. 96 pages. Hardback.

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