Alnmouth to Alnwick, Coldstream and Berwick (Middleton Press)

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An illustrated historical review of the railway lines that grew up in piecemeal fashion to serve the towns of Alnmouth, Alnwick, Coldstream and Berwick, before falling under the auspices of the North Eastern Railway in 1854. The lines were notable for some of their considerable gradients, particularly on the section to serve Alnwick.

The line beyond Alnwick served a remote and rural area and perhaps unsurprisingly lost its passenger services as early as 1930. Goods traffic soldiered on until the 1960s, when the Alnwick branch closed completely. Over 50 years later the line is now being rebuilt, in part, as a heritage railway.

Alnmouth to Alnwick, Coldstream and Berwick takes the form of a journey along the line, using photographs from all periods of railway history to illustrate the story of the line and how it changed over the years. Every station, and many other interesting items of railway infrastructure, are illustrated along the way.

The book includes many examples of passenger services and freight traffic on the route and the photographs are accompanied by many maps and track layout diagrams, timetable extracts and other period reproductions. Over 100 photographs. Hardback. 96 pages.

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