Scottish Buses: A Global Success Story (Lily)

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The Scottish bus industry is currently a great global success story, headlined by two major bus operators, First and Stagecoach, as well as coachbuilder Alexander Dennis. All three companies have achieved international success, with their influence seen as far away as North America, Africa and Australia.

This book traces the development of the Scottish bus industry from the very first Scottish buses, through to the present day. Topics covered with the book include:

  • Scotland's Emergent Coachbuilders
  • World Wars 1 & 2
  • The Nationalisation of Scottish Bus Operations
  • Alexander Coachbuilders' Expansion
  • Alexander Buses for Export
  • The Deregulation of Bus Services
  • The Expansion of Stagecoach
  • The Revival of British Bus Travel
  • The Environmental Challenge
  • The First All-Electric Buses

The text covers all aspects of bus operation and coachbuilding in Scotland, including many of the smaller operators to have existed at points over the last 125 years. Each chapter is well-illustrated with recent colour and archive black & white photographs. 192 pages.

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