London's Sightseeing Buses

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London’s first sightseeing buses were originally introduced in May 1951 for the Festival of Britain. Named the ‘Circular Tour of London’, the service consisted of four London Transport RT buses operating a non-stop circular tour of London, with conductors using a public address system. When the festival ended the sightseeing tour continued each year and by 1967 was a 2-hour long tour, covering 20 miles, known as the ‘London Sightseeing Round Tour’. Rebranding continued to occur over the years and open-topped buses were first introduced to the service in 1972. With deregulation in 1980 came competitors to London Transport’s sightseeing services who introduced innovations such as ‘hop-on, hop-off’ tours and taped, multilingual, commentaries to facilitate the burgeoning tourist economy. This book looks at the various bus operators who ran, and continue to run, London tourist sightseeing tours, along with the vehicles used on the services. Well illustrated with colour and black & white photographs and promotional material. 96 pages. Published 2020. Original Price £14.99

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