London's Scania Buses (Amberley)

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Over the years Scania has provided various models for operation in London, first arriving in 1989.

A larger batch of Scania N113CRBs were purchased by London Buses Limited in the early 1990s, bodied by Alexander and Northern Counties. These passed to privatised operators in 1994. Scania re-entered the London market in 2002 when Metrobus took stock of a fleet of single-deckers.

The Scania N94UD and Scania OmniCity double-deck models became popular with a number of operators between 2006 and 2012. Although not purchased in the same numbers as its rivals, the London Scanias provided Londoners with a reliable service for many years. The introduction of new stock, along with standardisation, spelt the end of the type in London service.

This book provides a potted history of the various Scania models during their service in the capital. Photographs are presented in two-per-page format, with informative captions accompanying each image. 96 pages.

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