County Donegal Railways Bus Services (Stenlake)

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A new, completely revised and re-illustrated edition of a book originally published in 1973.

When the County Donegal Railways Joint Committee reluctantly replaced its trains with buses in 1960, it transformed itself from the largest and best-known Irish narrow gauge railway into a road transport organisation, but one that thought it was still a railway....

The buses carried the same eye-catching red-and-cream livery as the trains they had replaced and ran over the same routes to the same timetables. Behind their steering wheel and on the platforms were former railcar motormen and guards who had retrained as bus drivers and conductors who continued to serve the public as best they could.

This is the story of those railway-owned buses, the crews who ran them, the passengers they carried and their take-over by CIE in 1971. Well-illustrated throughout with archive colour and black & white photographs. 48 pages.

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