45 Years An Eastbourne Busman (Capital)

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Retired Eastbourne bus driver Mick Hymans has put together his memoirs of his time as a driver with Eastbourne Buses from the start of his career in the early 1970s until retirement in 2017.

He describes the many changes that the company underwent over the years, including the end of crew-operated vehicles, deregulation, the sale of 20% of the company’s shares to Cariane, and its absorption by Stagecoach in 2008 ending 105 years of operation as a municipal undertaking having started in 1903 as the world’s first municipally owned motor bus operator.

The author also describes the many interesting situations in which he found himself over the years, including industrial relations issues, the often unpredictable behaviour of passengers and motorists, and the social and recreational facilities on offer to bus crews.

136 pages. Over 150 photos, mostly colour.

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