Steam in the Portuguese Colonies (Transport Treasury)

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A collection of colour photographs of steam locomotives at work in Mozambique and Angola in the late 1960s and early 1970s, from the camera of renowned railway photographer, Peter Gray. Colour material of this subject matter in this period is rare from both countries, which at the time were both Portuguese colonies.

The main purpose of the railways in Angola was to convey freight, which required powerful Garratt locomotives to climb the steep gradients to the central plateau. A great variety of other locomotives are also featured, of varying vintages and power capabilities. Two 600 mm narrow gauge lines are also featured.

Traffic in Mozambique was also mainly freight, this time serving the two major ports in the country. Several land-locked countries needed access to these ports and sent their freight accordingly, maintaining the great variety of locomotives which could be seen.

Steam in the Portuguese Colonies captures a forgotten era in world steam history. Many of the photographs illustrate the relics of a bygone age running alongside massive Beyer Garratts, together with the odd non-steam interloper. The illustrations are mainly presented in one-per-page format. Hardback. 80 pages.

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