Narrow Gauge Album No. 5: Narrow Gauge in the Former Yugoslavia (Mainline & Maritime)

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An album of high quality colour photographs illustrating the narrow gauge railways of the former Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia) that still exist in the 21st century. The photographs come from the collection of renowned railway photographer, James Waite.

For many years the Yugoslav narrow gauge railways formed one of the most delightful systems to be found anywhere in Europe. Many of the lines traversed spectacular mountain scenery and many locomotives were built to older designs, creating timeless scenes.

Several lines had closed by the 1980s and the tragic wars of the early 1990s also took their toll on the railways, but the narrow gauge railway is still alive and well in the 21st century, as this book reveals.

Narrow Gauge in the Former Yugoslavia concentrates on steam locomotives at work. It features several lines that are still operational, including the spectacular Sargan 8 heritage line. The photographs are presented in one-per-page format and most are accompanied by extended captions with information and anecdotes relating to the subject. 120 pages. Hardback.

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