Logomotive: Railroad Graphics and the American Dream (Sheldrake)

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This volume is a visual tribute to the heyday of American railroad graphics and design. Arriving in America in 1968, the celebrated London designer, Ian Logan, was blown away by the logos and slogans he saw painted on the sides of freight trains. In between designing fabrics for Mary Quant and Jeff Banks, he spent his time travelling across America with his camera, recording the logos, liveries and graphics of railroads, big and small.

Amongst others, he managed to capture the Route of the Eagles, the Rebel Route, the Speedway to America’s Playground and many other mesmerizing advertising ideas of the day, just before they disappeared or changed out of recognition. Logomotive: Railroad Graphics and the American Dream is the product of Ian’s photographic collection.

To this rich archive of vintage Americana, distinguished design commentator, Jonathan Glancey – another lifelong railway enthusiast – has added a well informed and perceptive analysis of American railroad iconography. He looks at every aspect of the railroad, from locomotives and rolling stock to architecture, advertisements and timetables.

The book also includes a Foreword from internationally-renowned architect and designer, Norman Foster. Contains over 400 colour photographs. Hardback. Landscape format.

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