U-Bahn, S-Bahn & Tram in Hamburg (Schwandl)

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A detailed illustrated review of the urban rail networks operating in and around the city of Hamburg. It includes an historical overview of each system in turn and then looks at present day operations using high quality colour images to illustrate the operating fleet and important architectural features of each network.

The U-Bahn network in Hamburg is Germany’s second largest, surpassed only by that of Berlin. A general history of Hamburg’s U-Bahn is followed by a look at each of the five lines in turn, including maps to show the routes in geographical context and to illustrate how the network has expanded over time.

This is followed by a review of the local S-Bahn network, which is predominantly operated by electric multiple units working from third rail supply, but also features bi-mode multiple units that operate beyond the limits of the third-rail electrified system.

Conventional RB and RE heavy rail services are examined and the book also looks at the services operated by AKN, or Altona-Kaltenkirchen-Neumünster Eisenbahn, which manages a network of diesel multiple unit-operated lines to the north of Hamburg.

Finally, U-Bahn, S-Bahn & Tram in Hamburg turns to the tramway undertaking that closed as long ago as 1978, leaving Hamburg as by far the largest city in the European Union without a tram or light rail system. A selection of archive colour photographs recall the years of tramway operation, complemented by recent material illustrating trams in preservation.

Well illustrated with colour photographs and maps throughout. 144 pages. Approximately 300 photographs. Text is in German & English.

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