Vectron: Moderne Siemens-Lokomotiven fur Europa (EK)

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The Siemens Vectron locomotive is undoubtedly one of the most successful locomotive designs of the twenty-first century. The first prototypes were introduced in 2010 and the Vectron soon became the technical successor to the tried and tested Siemens `EuroSprinter’ family of locomotives, developing into a real bestseller for Siemens within a very short time. The landmark of 1000 locomotives constructed was reached within just ten years.

The majority of locomotives in the Vectron platform are modern electric locos, which are produced as dual-system alternating current locomotives (Vectron AC), as pure direct current locomotives (Vectron DC) or as multi-system locomotives (Vectron MS), depending on the purpose and area of application. Further variants have been added in recent years including the “Smartron”, an inexpensive AC single-system locomotive, the diesel locomotive Vectron DE and the combined diesel/electric locomotive Vectron DM (dual mode).

Vectron locomotives have become an integral part of international rail operations; almost 50 railway companies from all over Europe use these locomotives for both freight and passenger transport.

Vectron: Moderne Siemens-Lokomotiven für Europa is a detailed examination of the Vectron design, reflecting on the history, development, technology and current uses of the locomotive family in Europe.

Also includes a full list of all locomotives built with works numbers, EVNs, running numbers, variant details and operating company. The book contains over 470 illustrations and covers all aspects of the Vectron success story. 256 pages. Hardback. German text.

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