Le Train: Les Archives Autorails: De Dietrich 210 ch, X 42000, X 44000. X 3700…

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This is the fourth instalment of Le Train’s illustrated survey of the many different types of railcar to have been built for the railways of France. This volume examines all the different examples built by De Dietrich.

In the 1930s, railcars were replacing steam locomotives on lightly used branch lines with almost indecent haste. The clamour for modernisation and more efficient working gave rise to a multitude of new railcar types, including many distinctive and stylish vehicles.

The first De Dietrich Railcar entered service in 1933 and was rapidly followed by several larger and more powerful versions, before the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. The company continued to manufacture railcars after the war, but its last vehicle entered service in 1950.

Le Train Archives: Autorails: De Dietrich 210 ch, X 42000, X 44000. X 3700… begins by looking at the history of the company and describing how it made the jump from manufacturing wagons, to produce some elegant and eye-catching railcars. The book then looks at each design of railcar in turn, looking at innovations in each design and the service lives of the units. Layout diagrams are included.

Finally the book looks at De Deitrich railcars that have survived into preservation in France. A full list of all railcars built with entry to service and withdrawal dates is also included. The fuill chapter list is as follows:

  • Editorial
  • La genèse des De Dietrich - Du wagon à l’autorail
  • Les De Dietrich 210 ch - Les Glouglous
  • Les De Dietrich 300 ch/320 ch - X 42000 à la SNCF
  • Les De Dietrich 500 ch - X 44001 à 44006 à la SNCF
  • Les De Dietrich 640 ch - Des autorails doubles
  • Les De Dietrich 270 ch - Autorails à gazogène
  • Les De Dietrich 300 ch/320 ch - X 3700 de la SNCF
  • Le De Dietrich prototype DN 11 - Un nouveau type de transmission
  • Les De Dietrich préservés en France
  • Les De Dietrich - Tableau récapitulatif France métropolitaine

Le Train Archives: Autorails: De Dietrich 210 ch, X 42000, X 44000. X 3700… is extensively illustrated with archive black & white photographs interspersed with a small selection of colour images. Manufacturer’s publicity material, posters, diagrams and other reproductions are also included. 98 pages. French text.

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