EK Special 140: Die DB-V100

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The Class V 100 is one of the most successful German diesel locomotives ever built. The first pre-production locomotives were delivered to the Deutsche Bundesbahn in 1958 and by 1965, DB had commissioned a total of 745 examples of these mid-range diesel locomotives in several different versions.

The two main variants came with either 1,100 or 1,350 hp engines, and a third variant incorporated different gear ratios, designed for operation over steeply-graded sections of line. From 1968, the locomotives carried the series designations 211, 212 and 213.

The DB Class V 100 is still proving itself to this day. Around 150 examples are still in existence, many of which are still in active use after more than 60 years in service. The locomotives, with their distinctive central driver's cab, can still be seen in many parts of Germany.

EK Special 140: Die DB – V 100 contains an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the V 100 locomotives that are still in existence. It looks at examples now in use with private operators, the few locos still with DB, and the locos that have entered preservation at museum and heritage lines.

Separate chapters look at locomotives that have been converted from Class 212, including the Alstom/Gmeinder Class 214s and the recently converted Class 714 locomotives for the new DB tunnel rescue trains.

Also includes a full list of all surviving locomotives with details of location and operational status. 98 pages. German text.

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