Verkehrsknoten Koblenz (EK)

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An illustrated review of the rich transport history enjoyed by the strategic city of Koblenz in Rheinland-Pfalz. As well as being served by the two important railway lines on the left and right banks of the Rhine, Koblenz also stands at the junction of the Mosel and the line to Luxembourg. .

In its heyday, the Deutsche Reichsbahn maintained three locomotive depots around the city and Between 1899 and 1967, the city had an electric tram, supplemented by a trolleybus service from 1941 to 1970. Furthermore, between 1928 and 1959, a funicular ran to the Rittersturz, a popular vantage point. Koblenz is also known as the city of bridges, with three large railway bridges over the Rhine and Moselle alone, not to mention their function as waterways.

More recently, Koblenz has seen the construction of a cable car, which went into operation in the summer of 2010 on the occasion of the Federal Horticultural Show taking place in the following year. This leads across the Rhine to the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. Koblenz is a remarkable transport hub in every respect.

Verkehrsknoten Koblenz contains 158 high quality black & white images from various periods through history, illustrating all aspects of the city’s transport network. 112 pages. German text. Hardback.

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