Traumberuf Dampflokheizer: Erinnerungen an Lehrte, Wedau und Rheine (EK)

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In this book, author Steffen Ludecke describes his career as a fireman working on steam locomotives during the 1970s, a period where steam power was in decline with Deutsche Bundesbahn.

The author dreamt of working with locomotives as a schoolboy and he began working on freight locomotives in 1974 from Duisburg-Wedau depot. In 1976 he trained on oil powered locomotives and trained as a steam locomotive driver with Deutsche Bundesbahn in the late-1980s.

This book looks at his work as both a fireman and driver at Lehrte, Wedau and Rheine depots during steam's final heyday in West Germany. It is well illustrated with over 300 colour and black & white photographs and also contains scans of documents used throughout the author's career. German text. Hardback. 192 pages.

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