Lokomotivfuhrer Horst Bauer (EK)

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A chance meeting in 2016 gave rise to this collection of stories and pictures of steam operation in Northern Bavaria. Horst Bauer, born in 1937, was able to recount with precise detail, his extensive memories of being a fireman, and subsequently train driver, more than half a century ago.

A particular highlight of Horst’s railway experience was the radical change from the steam operation to the testing of modern electric multiple units around Munich. Horst recounts both the technical and human considerations surrounding railway operation, in a cheerful, yet serious style.

Lokomotivführer Horst Bauer is illustrated in black & white, using many high quality images from the extensive archive of Gottfried Turnwald. Some of the very locomotives that Horst Bauer talks about are illustrated.

Sadly, Horst Bauer died on 24 April 2019. But his book remains an illustrated tribute to his life and to the beauty of steam operation in the Pegnitz Valley, on the Hartmannshofer incline, on the Nuremberg–Stuttgart route and in the diverse landscapes of Upper Franconia. 128 pages. Hardback. German text.

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