Herkules, Goliath & Co: Die Schienenkrane der deutschen Eisenbahnen (EK)

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An album of over 220 archive black & white and recent colour photographs of railway cranes used on Germany's railways since their introduction in the late 19th century.

Used for a variety of tasks including unloading heavy items, re-railing vehicles, bridge construction and other construction work, they have been an indispensible part of the railway system for many years.

This book traces the history of railway cranes from early, basic examples through to the sophisticated machines used on today's railways. Includes the impressive steam powered cranes used around Germany for large parts of the 20th century.

Photographs cover a variety of crane types from builders including Demag, Gottwald, Ardelt and Krupp used on Germany's railways over the years. German text. Hardback. 152 pages.

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