Glaserne Zuge: Die Aussichtstriebwagen der DR (EK)

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A comprehensive history of the Class ET91 railcars built in Heidelberg in the late 1930s to operate excursion trains over some of Germany's scenic electrified lines. Only two vehicles were built, with one being destroyed in Munich during World War 2.

This book examines the technical details of these vehicles as well as looking at their working lives, which for the surviving unit lasted until the 1990s. Unfortunately, the remaining railcar was involved in an accident in 1995 and is undergoing restoration at the moment.

Also covered in this book are the three diesel railcars, 137 240, 137 462 and 137 463 which were also built with observation windows in the 1930s for use on non-electrified lines.

Well-illustrated throughout with colour and black & white photographs, technical diagrams and tables of data. German text. Hardback. 128 pages.

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