Dernier train pour Lautenbach (La Vie du Rail)

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A novel by Vincent Conrad. Immortalized by François Truffaut in his film, Jules et Jim, in 1961, the small station of Lautenbach, terminus of the railway line in the Florival valley, saw its last passenger train on 3 July 1971.

During the summer of 1974, Pierre, 14 years old and passionate about trains, discovered with his grandfather Henri, a former station master, this abandoned line and became passionate about its history. Just as track recovery was about to begin, Pierre began a campaign to save the line and restore passenger services.

With the help of his friends who share his attachment to the Florival train, Pierre undertakes various adventures, and encounters many unusual situations along the way, including a personal discovery about his father, Louis. 256 pages. French text. Published 2006.

Special Note: A sequel to this book is L' Autorail de Jules.

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