Das Maschinenamt Heilbronn Teil 1: Geschichte, Aufgaben, Episoden (VGB)

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For decades, locomotive works were among the most important institutions for German railways. Here, over two volumes, the author provides insights into the operations at Heilbronn, one of the most important locomotive works in southern Germany, where the workers ensured that the vehicles and technical equipment were always reliably maintained and available for use. This volume provides an history of the works and examines what type of work was carried out there, whilst the second volume focuses on the locomotives which were maintained there. Together these two volumes provide a comprehensive understanding of the history, tasks and procedures of the locomotive works at Heilbronn.

In this first volume the author provides a chronological history of the works, starting from when the first train arrived at Heilbronn in 1848, 13 years after the introduction of the railway in Germany. He explains its tasks, that of the associated departments and gives an insight into the major and minor events, milestones and episodes which occurred here. Well illustrated with colour and black & white photographs and diagrams. German text. Hardback. 272 pages.

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