Das Bw Falkenberg (Elster): Eine Dienststelle mit zwei Bahnbetriebswerken EK

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A detailed history of the locomotive depot at Falkenberg (Elster), located in the Elbe-Elster district between Leipzig and Cottbus. The depot was of immense importance to the city and the surrounding area as it was situated at the junction of the Halle/Leipzig–Cottbus, Jüterbog–Riesa/Coswig and Elsterwerda-Biehla–Lutherstadt Wittenberg routes.

Falkenberg was actually the site of two large railway depots, which were responsible for providing traction for express main line passenger trains, secondary passenger services on branch lines and all kinds of freight trains. In the steam era, many different classes were stationed at Falkenberg, including Classes 03, 23.10, 38.10-40, 41, 50, 52, 52.80, 55.25-56, 56.20-30, 744-13, 83, 86, 89.62, 91.64 and 94.5-8.

In the 1960s, the switch to diesel traction brought great change to the depots, initially with the shunting locomotives of Class V 60 and later the Soviet large diesel locomotives of Classes V 120, 130, 131 and 132. At its height, 54 examples of Class 132 series were in use at Falkenberg depot, although steam Classes 52 and 52.80 continued to see use right up to the 1980s.

Das Bw Falkenberg (Elster): Eine Dienststelle mit zwei Bahnbetriebswerken looks back at the fascinating railway history of Falkenberg (Elster) and at its two large railway depots, their locomotives and the services on which they operated. Well illustrated, mainly in black & white with a 16-page section of colour illustrations. Also includes tabulated data and reproductions of official documents. Hardback. 240 pages. German text.

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