Schienenkrane der Eisenbahnen: Herkules und Goliath DVD (8610)

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Railway cranes have been around almost as long as the railway itself. The first cranes were hand-operated, but these were soon replaced by steam-powered examples. Today's cranes can hardly be compared with those of yesteryear; some specimens can lift up to a remarkable 160 tons. This DVD tells the story of rail-mounted cranes right through to the most modern examples from the Kirow company, which are today’s standard in Germany for emergencies.

It includes footage of "Goliath" and "Hercules" cranes in action and looks back to the days of steam cranes using film from a variety of archives. Features large and small rail-mounted cranes from yesterday and today, captured in a range of interesting scenes.

German commentary. 58 minutes running time.

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