Kleinloks der DB: Helfer auf der letzeten Meile DVD (8493)

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In the 1950s, the weight of freight wagons began to increase steadily. Much of Germany’s shunting locomotive fleet at that time was comprised of small locomotives from the pre-war period, that soon began to be overwhelmed. Consequently, a new design of locomotive was urgently required.

In 1959, the locomotive factory of Gmeinder built the 250 hp Köf 10 and Köf 11, which later became Classes 331 and 332. In 1965 the Köf 12 followed, which had a cardan shaft instead of a chain drive and later became Class 333. All three classes proved a huge success and have been a familiar sight across the German railway network ever since.

Over the years, many modifications have been made, such as the addition of radio control equipment and shunting couplings, which lead to the creation of Class 335. By 1979, more than 500 of these versatile locomotives had been built by several different vehicle manufacturers. Some examples are still in service with DB and many have found new homes with private operators.

Helfer auf der letzen Meile: Kleinloks der DB DVD tells the story of the often-overlooked locomotives and reviews the sort of work they have undertaken throughout their working lives. It includes footage of DB locos at various point in their working lives, but also looks at those examples that have embarked on a second life in private hands, or are now safely preserved on heritage lines. 58 minutes running time. German commentary.

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