Die Baureihe 50 DVD (8607)

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In 1939, a new standard steam locomotive designed for freight traffic was introduced to the German railway network. This lightweight five-coupled locomotive, designated Class 50, became one of the most successful classes of steam locomotive ever built, anywhere in the world.

Over 3000 examples of Class 50 were built and the design also formed the basis for the equally successful derivative, Class 52. After the Second World War, more than 2100 Class 50 locomotives remained in service with Deutsche Bundesbahn and 350 locomotives with Deutsche Reichsbahn. They continued in service for many years and were amongst the last steam locomotives to be withdrawn, finally succumbing in 1977 for DB and 1987 for DR.

Die Baureihe 50: Die Einheits-Dampflok für alle Fälle DVD tells the story of these extraordinary locomotives using archive footage from through their working lives. Most shots see the locos powering the heavy freight traffic for which they were designed, both for DB and DR, but we also see occasional examples in passenger service.

A remarkable number of Class 50 locomotives have been preserved and this DVD also includes footage of examples at the head of special trains, at planned steam events or in museum settings. 58 minutes running time. German commentary.

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