Die Baureihe 01 DVD (8600)

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This DVD looks at the history of the German Class 01 express steam locomotive. The class was first introduced in 1925 and continued to haul express passenger trains for DB right up until the 1970s. DR continued to use their examples until 1980.

Die Baureihe 01 DVD includes some rare footage from pre-war DRG days and post-war use with both DB and DR. The official farewell to the class in 1973 is well covered, and preserved locomotives 01 066, 01 118, 01 137, 01 150, 01 180 and 01 202 are all seen in action.

Lineside filming is accompanied by views recorded in and from the cab, providing a drivers’ eye view of the locomotives. Examples of the class are also seen undergoing routine maintenance in depots or workshops.

Die Baureihe 01 DVD presents an interesting review of one of Germany’s most iconic steam locomotive types. 58 minutes running time. German commentary.

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