Margam Depot (Amberley)

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Situated in Port Talbot, South Wales, Margam Traction Maintenance Depot was operational from 1964 until its closure in 2009 and during that period it was engaged in servicing many types of locomotives.

After opening Margam Depot was allocated the shunting locomotives D3429-D3438, due to the closure of the Duffryn Yard. The depot mainly serviced locomotives based in Wales, including the iron ore freight trains which British Steel ran from Port Talbot Docks to Llanwern Steel Works, though for a while the depot also took in additional work from Toton Traction Maintenance Depot, due to Toton being over capacity.

In this book the author, Martin Bray, who worked in Wales for many years and knew staff at both the Margam and Canton Depots, has produced a visual history showing the wide variety of locomotives which passed through Margam Depot. After a concise history of Margam Traction Maintenance Depot, his photographs are displayed with captions, generally in 2-per-page format.

188 colour photographs. 96 pages.

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