Class 73s (Key)

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Built in the 1960s, the Class 73s were primarily used on the Southern Region, owing to their ability to operate from either a diesel engine or third rail electric. Until the recent introduction of the Class 88s, they were unique in their electro-diesel ability.

The initial 73s were either 73/0 or 73/1, depending on production run and a select few were used on services to Gatwick in the 1980s and reclassified as 73/2s. The last sub-class were the 73/9s, which were converted by GB Railfreight and given new engines.

The Class 73s have never been the best-looking machines on the railway (some even nicknamed them ‘shoeboxes’), but the years of service these workhorses have provided certainly cannot be faulted. As the 73/9s continue to find work around the UK, it seems they may be part of the railway scene for a long while to come.

With over 220 images, this book shows off all the sub-classes of the 73s and their work around the country. Photographs are arranged in chapters covering each of the sub-classes. Captions accompany each photograph and an introduction to each type is also included. 96 pages.

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