Class 37s (Key)

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The English Electric Type 3 (later Class 37) was introduced from the late 1950s to the early 1960s at a time when the writing was on the wall for steam traction.

It was designed to be a general-purpose locomotive that was equally at home on freight or passenger trains. They served with British Railways in the Eastern Region, on lines in South Wales and in Scotland. Over 300 Class 37s were built, with the last of the class entering service in 1965. Over the years, they have operated across much of Britain's railway network, with very few lines having never seen a Class 37.

Over the years, they have proved reliable workhorses for UK railways. Today, they are still in service with several operators. With over 200 images, this book is an illustrated celebration of Class 37s throughout the years. 96 pages.

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