British Railways Diesel Electric Classes 44 to 46 (Pen & Sword)

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A collection of colour photographs from the camera of well-known railway author, Fred Kerr, illustrating Class 44 to 46 'Peak’ locomotives in their heyday. The Peaks were the first Type 4 locomotives constructed in response to the British Railways Modernisation Plan of 1955, with 10 pilot scheme Class 44 locomotives later followed by more powerful production examples of Classes 45 and 46.

Throughout their working lives, the Peaks were synonymous with express passenger services on the Midland Main Line, and that aspect is well documented in this book. However, many of the photos capture Peak locomotives at locations away from the Midland Main Line, including some operating freight services and occasionally double-headed.

A brief overview of how the Peaks came to be built is included. Each class also has its own brief account and captions accompany each photo providing further background information about the locomotives and the routes on which they operated.

British Railways Diesel Electric Classes 44 to 46 also takes a look at the activities of the class in preservation, where several examples have survived and now feature at some of Britain's leading heritage railways. Hardback. 120 pages.

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