Britain's DMUs 1986-2022 (Amberley)

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By the 1980s, earlier first generation DMUs were coming to the end of their useful lives and British Railways were introducing the first of the next generation.

The replacements started with Class 141 Pacers, which were four-wheel units based on a wagon chassis with a Leyland bus body, intended for branch-line services. Soon after the Class 150 Sprinter two-car train emerged from Derby Works for use on shorter distance routes. The 155/156 Super Sprinters were introduced for longer journeys and followed in 1989 by the Express Sprinter, which took over the more important services from the 156 and remains in front-line service until the present day. Class 170 Turbostars, introduced in 1998, were also used on long-distance routes, especially in Scotland.

With a wealth of previously unpublished photographs captured in a variety of interesting locations, George Woods celebrates the second generation of DMUs on the British rail network in this photographic album. Each image is accompanied by a caption and a brief introduction to British DMUs during this period is also included. 96 pages.

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