A Comprehensive Guide to Railway Request Stops (Pen & Sword)

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The story of one man’s personal odyssey to visit every railway request stop in mainland Britain. Between 2017 and 2019, Anthony Hart visited, photographed, and spent time at all 152 such request stops and this book contains the story of how he went about it.

It explains where his love of railways is rooted, why he began this journey and how it became a very different and important experience to him. It describes his travels across the whole railway map to capture and record these often overlooked stops.

The lure of request stops and the practicalities of completing the journey to discover them, forms the core of the story. Researching every request stop in Britain and planning how to get there and overcoming any difficulties, became a source of great satisfaction.

Every stop is described and has at least one illustration. Some historical context to the stops is also included, along with additional information about passenger numbers and location. 208 pages. Hardback.

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