Liverpool & Manchester Railway Atlas (Crecy)

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A new railway atlas showing the current and historical railway networks of Merseyside and Greater Manchester. The maps not only cover the lines and locations within the current boundaries of Merseyside and Greater Manchester, but extend to include places such as Blackpool, Fleetwood, Preston, Blackburn, Burnley, Colne, Chorley, Warrington, Chester, Northwich and Buxton.

Acclaimed cartographer Joe Brown, whose previous works include the London Railway Atlas, turns his attention to one of the most interesting and complex railway landscapes outside the capital. This new atlas shows all lines, open and closed, with track level detail showing all junctions, crossovers, yards, depots and industrial sites.

All stations are shown with platform detail, changes of station name, opening and closing dates. As well as the railway network, this atlas also shows the many tramway systems which once flourished in the area.

The railway company responsible for the construction of each line is shown and different colours are used to denote the lines of every major pre-grouping railway company. Each of the map pages incorporates panels of additional text giving historical information relating to the lines illustrated.

A detailed index to stations is provided at the back of the book, which summarises current status, opening and, where applicable, closure dates, plus notes and further information relating to many stations and lines. The volume concludes with a chronology of the Manchester and Salford tramways.

Liverpool & Manchester Railway Atlas shows today’s railway network in north-west England in its historical context. An essential reference work. 256 pages including 180 map pages. Hardback.

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